A Quick Recap


The last two months have been insane. Maybe it’s my own insanity taking over, but things have really gotten on top of me lately.

Lice – Avila got lice from the Autism Center and now, here we are a month later, and I still can’t get the nits out of her hair. They’re dead/empty eggs, but she doesn’t let me comb it with the nit brush for shit. Even after I chopped off a good few inches, she still is uncooperative with the hair brushing.

Jensen – Jensen will be 1 on Thursday! How can my BABY be a year old already?!?? It’s pretty bitter-sweet because normally now is the time we’d start trying for the next. There are no more babies to be had, so I just need to focus on the three babies we do have. I think recognizing the loss of the other two miscarriages I had helps too. I can’t imagine having five kids if  my two miscarriages (before Avila) would’ve come to be.

Work – I started a new job. I’m still a cashier, but I moved stores. I work at a local grocery/corner store called E&A. They have four locations around Muskegon, and I work at the one closest to my mom’s house. I get more money than the job I was at before, and more hours in a lesser amount of days. I really, really like it even if I’m still not used to the 8-hour shifts (previously I only worked 5 hour shifts). My boss even asked me to start training to become an assistant manager even though I’ve been there two months. So, that made me feel pretty good and confident that this was the right move to make.

Kota – Kota is a girl I used to work with at E&A when I first started. We hang out all the time and I really like her. I’d definitely consider her one of my best friends – if not my bestie after Matt. Though I’m 9 years older than her, she’s wise beyond her years and definitely not like any 19 year old I’ve ever met before. We agree and connect on a lot of things; I just wish she was still at E&A and wouldn’t have moved jobs to the BP down the road from us.


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