Review: Koala Crate (July 2016)


This is a review for the children’s monthly subscription box called Koala Crate (by Kiwi Crate) for 3-4 year olds. This review is for the month of July 2016. This month’s box theme was Camping. My middle child Iris receives these boxes as a gift.

Iris received her Koala Crate yesterday (Wednesday, 7/13) and I was really excited. I ordered Avila’s Kiwi Crate at the same time (the 1st) and it’s supposed to arrive Monday. At this time Iris hasn’t received her book as a part of the Deluxe package yet either.

Iris opened her Crate with her sister Avila and older cousin Kayleigh. I handed Kayleigh the parent instructions and helped Iris open the supplies. The directions were simple and easy. Kayleigh, at almost 15 years old, was able to easily construct the campfire with the girls using tissue paper, a sticker, and a wooden dowel. They put the felt pieces on the dowel to “roast” their felt hot dogs and marshmallows. They had a lot of fun camping and while Avila took her turn, Kayleigh and Iris put the bear backpack together to keep everything safe and organized. 

I was happy with the crate and will purchase August’s. I think I will keep the crates though, until the books and both crates arrive next month though, so they can each enjoy their own crates. 



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