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July 13th


Today is July 13, 2017. Seven years ago today I had my second miscarriage. “Riley” never got an official due date, but based on math and knowledge, I would’ve been due around January 30th.

Also today, only two years ago, I was overdue with Jensen and got the call to go to the hospital to be induced at 10:30 pm. Tomorrow, at 2:21pm, my baby boy will be two years old. I’m not sure how to deal with that.




I really need to get better about writing in this regularly. There’s so many things going on that I don’t ever want to forget or cheapen but it’s just so much that when I do get a free moment, I don’t ever carve out the time to reflect on anything, I usually just end up falling asleep.

I really need to work on my time management skills so I can actually make some time to do everything in a day that I want to. Things with school though is really crazy for the next foreseeable future, and so I’m not going to get too down on myself for not keeping up with personal projects just yet.

On May 03, I started my first day at Ross Medical School in Roosevelt Park, MI. I’m going through their medical assisting program and I am so happy and proud of myself for doing this for myself, my kids, and my family. Medical assisting is something I’m really enjoying and I’m so happy of the flexibility and continuous learning it provides. Medical assisting is something I am really happy to do for a career, and makes me want to go back to school to continue my education even further and could allow me to really advance my career if I choose to do so. The door is wide open with opportunities from this. This actually marks my Day 10 of my second Mod. One Mod is 20 days, 10 days in administrative and 10 days in clinical. Every day is 8:15am-12:45pm. Because I am me, I like to be to school no later than 7:45am. If I arrive after 7:45 I feel rushed and late. Anyway, today marked the end of my second mod. I can’t believe how fast this is going. I’m set to end my last mod in October, extern someplace in November, and “exit” the program on December 5th. We won’t have a formal graduation ceremony until April, which kinda stinks, but is also cool that it allows us to all walk together, even with our friends that started on a different Mod than us.

Today, my friend Kristy left. She was the first person I met at Ross, and, quite honestly, was the reason I started off on the right foot there. She reassured me, encouraged me, taught me, pushed me, and helped me so much in our short two mods together. I’m not looking forward to walking in without her tomorrow. It’ll definitely take some getting used to. However, since Matt and I are planning on getting married in April (more on that in a different post), and I instantly clicked with Kristy and Arlana (a girl that started the same day I did), and they’re awesome, they’ve volunteered to help me make wedding stuff.