Getting organized


It’s been awhile, but I wanted to touch base on my latest organizational projects.

I started creating binders for everyone in the family, as well as a family binder. For the individual binders I have tabs such as:
– Education,
– Work (for the adults) and Extracurricular Activities,
– Medical History (with Mental health tab for me, and a therapy/Autism tab for Avila, and a Dental tab),
– Legal Documents,
– Personal Documents

Each tab is further divided by year, but I am finding that I am quickly running out of room. I should probably take out anything over 3 years old and invest in a file cabinet with some hanging files and file things away that way, but we shall see. It is really nice just being able to flip to the category I want, go to the year I want, and then I have little sticky notes to further break it down by month. So far I’ve made it approximately through a third of my paperwork that has accumulated all over my house. I never throw things out, especially things like that, and I needed to do something with it. So far I have found the binders to be very handy and convenient.

As for the family binder.
I have it tabbed off into the following categories:
– Contact Info
– Schedules
* Planner (I try to make sure I write everything down in this, my phone, and on the kitchen fridge to make sure everyone is aware of what’s going on, but we are still getting used to using the binder on a daily basis)
* Schedules / times / business hours of things such as the dance studio schedule for the current year, the youth group schedule, local library hours, etc.
– Goals and Overviews
* Weekly
* Monthly
* Annually
– Home
* Cleaning (Probably divided by year once we start doing this…)
* Maintenance (Probably divided by year once we start doing this too…)
* Utilities (Information; Currently needs to be paid; Divided by year: Notices)
– Vehicles
* His car
* My car
* His motorcycle
– Insurance
* Car (divided by year)
* Dental (divided by person / year)
* Health (divided by person / year)
* Home (divided by year)
* Motorcycle (divided by year)
* Pet (divided by pet / year)
*Vision (divided by person / year)
* Misc (divided by category / year)
– Owner’s Manuals, Protection Plans, Warranties
*Owner’s Manuals
*Protection Plans / Warranties
– Pets
*Divided per pet, further divided by year
– Important Dates
* Cover sheet of the year with the ~super duper important~ dates
* Sheets per month, numbered 1 – 30/31 with the person’s name and year
– Passwords and Access
– Entertainment
* Subscription Boxes
* Tickets
* DVD digital downloads
* Photography details / receipts / check lists of photos needed to get printed
– Parties
* Divided by person and year
– Travel
* Brochures
* Bucket lists
* Travel plans / itineraries

I use the tabbed dividers with the pockets for the main tabs, then normal plain tabbed dividers for the sub categories. If I arrange by Person first, I use the colored plastic tabs, and then use the plain, white tabs for the years.


Our finances go in it’s own binder. That one holds info such as our banking info, expense tracking, loan information, long-term savings goals and tracking, short-term goals and tracking, paid utilities, and that sort of thing. We save our receipts and I have them saved by month but I’m wondering if I should go through the tedious task of categorizing them all, but Idk, that sounds like a lot of work, even for me. Haha.

Then, the Food binder contains Avila-friendly recipes, take out menus, and meal planning information


I have also started Artwork Binders for each of the kids. I’ve been three-hole punching most things (and using sheet protectors for the rest) but I was getting overwhelmed with the amount of artwork the kids were giving me, and I didn’t want to get rid of all of it, so I started putting each kids’ artwork in binders and keeping them divided by years.

It’s working so far, but they’re still young. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for keeping things organized


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