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Fuller House


So I totally binge watched the shit out of Fuller House, like most of you did. It’s nearly midnight on Saturday and I’m on the third episode, my second time around. I loved the original and still catch it on Nick at Night but this exceeded my hopes and expectations.

At first I was a little worried they all were going to be flashback heavy, but they did a good job of keeping the balance once the season progressed. I’m okay with DJ taking over the role of Danny basically, Kimmy of Joey, and Stephanie of Jesse. I think the kids are cute and it’s kind of nice that they’re there more to drive the adults’ plot, more than really focusing in on them right now.


I like that they have twins playing the role of baby Tommy, and that they had Kimmy have a daughter. I also liked the hints and references to Michelle and Mary-Kate and Ashley. Maybe someday Mary-Kate will show up for a special guest spot; I can only dream.

So, in short if you were a fan of the original, definitely watch it because it’s as cheesy and awesome as you hope. It’s cute and refreshing, and definitely will give you all the feels.